Split shipping company Jadroplov has concluded a contract with the Swiss company Global One Energy to purchase another liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) ship.

Jadroplov's new ship is being built at Japan's Sasaki Shipbuilding shipyard and is due to be completed and delivered at the end of February 2023, according to a statement published on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

Based on the assessment of the independent certified appraiser VesselsValue as of November 15, the value of the ship is $27.6 million. The agreed purchase price is $23.5m, with all additional costs included, the company said.

On October 24, 2022, Jadroplov took over a new ship, a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanker under the name "Marko Marulić", at the Sasaki Shipbuilding japanese shipyard. Thus, another ship, the first for the transport of liquefied gas, was added to the fleet of split shipping company of five ships, mainly for the transport of bulk cargo, with a total capacity of 242,727 dwt.

The ship will carry the Croatian flag. As well as his twin "Marko Marulic", which we took over this fall, at the end of October, also at the Japanese shipyard "Sasaki Shipbuilding Company". Under current plans, Vis will sail across the Far East, the Red Sea, Africa's western coast and the Persian Gulf.

As with "Marulica": the capacity of the tanker is 7500 cubic meters of compressed gas, it is 116.8 meters long and 19 meters wide. The main machine "Hitachi – Man B&W", with a power of 3000 kilowatts, will give it an average speed of 13 knots. It will have a "Bureaua Veritas" class. It is a technologically very advanced ship with very high fuel efficiency.

 Type: Fully pressurized LPG Carrier

 Built: 2023

 Class: Bureau Veritas

 Flag: Croatian

 Call Sign: 9A4442

 IMO No: 238 050 000

 Managers: Thome Croatia d.o.o.

 LOA/Breadth: 116.8 METERS/19 METERS

 GT/NT:  6515/2200

 DWT / Draft: 7000 TONNES/6,81 METERS

 Main Engine:HITACHI-MAN B&W, 3000 KILOWATTS (Dual Fuel Engine LPG/MGO)

 Speed: 13 KNOTS

 Fuel Capacity :

 LPG Fuel Capacity 100% : 450m3

 MGO Fuel Capacity 98% : 525m3

 Cargo Tanks : 2 x Cylindrical tanks(Type C) 3750 m3( design pressure 17.65 bar,  design temperature -10ᵒC)

 Cargo Tanks Capacity :

 Cargo Capacity 100%: 7500m3

 Cargo Capacity 98%:   7350m3

 Cargo pumps: 2 x Multi Stage Vertical centrifugal

 Cargo pump capacity: 450m3/hr per pump

 BWTS: Combination of filters and UV type, capacity 300 m3

 Hose Handling Crane:  1x El-hydraulic. SWL 4 t