Jadroplov starts transporting old iron to Turkey

Scrap metal or metal waste is now a global commodity that, due to the need of the metal recycling industry, is traded all over the world. The most economical way of transporting these goods is by sea, due to the lower cost of maritime transport compared to other types of transport, and due to the high carrying capacity of ships and the possibility of transporting large quantities of goods. 
Scrap metal or metal waste is transported in bulk by bulk ships for the transport of bulk cargo, but also in containers. For manipulation when loading and unloading, various manipulative means are used, most often scoops.
Iron waste can be a dangerous cargo if the crew of the ship does not comply with safety measures when handling and transporting cargo. The paper describes the types of iron waste and the risks of its transportation, and provides recommendations for safe and efficient transportation.  
In principle, an agreement was reached with CIOS to transport about 600,000 to 700,000 tonnes of scrap iron from Rijeka and Split ports to Nemrut Bay, Turkey.
Since the ship "Split" is the oldest in the fleet it is very difficult to employ it on the free market, and there are restrictions on the part of the classification society, so we think it is ideal for transporting said cargo and we hope to sign a multi-year contract.
We expect that the first on boarding will still be the ship "Solin", but the long-term contract will be for the ship "Split".