There are major changes in the world in terms of worsening weather conditions, warming of the globe, and one of the main causes of this, in addition to coal-fired power plants, is transportation in which shipping is represented to the greatest extent.

As Jadroplov, as a local company in Split, makes sure that this whole region lives mostly from tourism, for which a clean environment is important, it was thought about what to do so that the ferries connecting Split with the Central Dalmatian islands reduce emissions.

With the company Classis d.o.o. began the development of this project, and it has recently become clear that the construction of such a ferry is possible in Croatian shipyards, which will make Croatia one of the first tasks in this field. Also, ministers Butković and Čorić support this whole project, which also gives hope to Jadroplov that we will successfully complete this project.

The price will be agreed with the shipyard and we expect that it will not deviate significantly from the price of such a classic-powered ferry. The project is flexible and can maintain regular lines from Split with any central Dalmatian island, including the farthest islands. We intend to arrange construction with some of the Croatian shipyards with a delivery date of 2024.

It is intended to be built in one of the Croatian shipyards. The contract will be finalized by the summer of 2022, delivery of about 2 years. per contracting.

The first passengers will be able to receive immediately upon delivery of the ship, the project is flexible, it can maintain lines from Split to all central Dalmatian islands.

Jadroplov d.d. will deal with various segments of shipping with the main goal of maximizing profits and dispersing activities (bulk-carriers, chemical tankers, passenger ships, LPG, LNG,...)