Croatian shipping company JADROPLOV became 01.10.2023. full member of the SIGTTO

Croatian shipping company JADROPLOV became 01.10.2023. full member of the SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators) association.

JADROPLOV, as the owner and operator of two new LPG tankers Marko Marulic and Vis, has acquired the conditions for membership in the organization. JADROPLOV is the only Croatian shipping company is a member of this prestigious association of international gas tanker and terminal operators, along with LNG Croatia, which is a member as a gas terminal operator.

What aroused the mutual interest of SIGTTO and JADROPLOV are two new LPG tankers (Marko Marulic and VIS) which currently have the option of burning LPG and MGO and as such are the only ones in their segment in the world with the "dual fuel" option. JADROPLOV's long-term plan is to use SIGTTO membership as an upgrade of knowledge and capabilities and to keep up with new technologies regarding green fuel options such as Ammonia and Methanol.



History of SIGTTO

SIGTTO is a non-profit non-governmental organization that represents owners of gas transport ships and terminals, including LNG and LPG terminals. SIGTTO was established as an international organization for industry participants to share technical and operational experience, to address common industry problems and to develop policies to improve maritime operations.

The society has more than 190 members including major companies such as BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell. The organization has observer status at the International Maritime Organization as a non-governmental organization.

Focusing on LNG and LPG, the society is involved in creating publications to improve maritime knowledge and promote safety at sea. They are actively involved in research into the use of gas as a marine fuel and publish various relevant industry guidelines. The current CEO and managing director is Ian Revell.


Goals of SIGTTO

The Company's purpose is to promote safe, environmentally responsible and reliable LNG transportation and terminal operations. To fulfill this mission, it will:

  • Proactively develop best operational practices and guidelines
  • Maintain a learning environment by sharing lessons learned
  • Promote the training and development of everyone within the industry
  •  Foster mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders

Since its establishment, SIGTTO Company has produced a steady stream of reference materials, recommendations and guidelines

for industry members.

This represents SIGTTO's accumulated intellectual property, much of which has been adopted by regulatory authorities for the management of gas shipping and terminal operations.


Membership in SIGTTO provides the following benefits to its members:

  • In order to help in certain spheres of interest, SIGTTO organizes participation in regional forums and study groups related to issues of current importance
  • Members have access to the company's technical advisors who can give and receive advice on a wide range of technical, operational and regulatory issues
  • Members have access to information that is not otherwise available in the public domain and access to the technical library in London